Monday, October 27, 2014

Hi Mommy - I love you MOM (Mother and Child Video)

A beautiful video about the incredible bond between Mother and Child, which begins at conception and grows stronger every day...

This video is so true. I feel the same way for my children, I loved them from the start and will love them always! Tu es mi corazon! xoxox Mommy xoxox

Friday, October 17, 2014

3 Queens Video Honors Motherhood

This touching video, "3 Queens" narrated by a child who describes a day in the life of his "Mommy" through imagery, prose and music. "3 Queens" beautifully depicts the Mother-Child bond, and honors the work , sacrifices and efforts put into mothering. 

Proverbs 22:6(King James Version), "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

"3 Queens" a celebration of 3 stay at home moms in three different regions of the country ...
director: matt bieler
music: dane leon & chris newlin
editor: matt bieler & aidan haley
music mix: danny cocke
final mix: tom @ lime
color: david hernandez
Bravo to the team behind "3 Queens"! Love this <3

Monday, October 13, 2014

Love Began when you smiled by Natalie Rungan

Natalie Rungan also known as Natalie R is a South African born singer, songwriter who is well known in the Jazz, RnB & Gospel circuit. Performing with her on this live recording is Mark Royeppen, Bruce Baker & Brent Quinton. The song is part of a collection written for their recent "Up Close and Personal" concert.

Natalie Rungan's YouTube Channel:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

German Prayer for Child

I learned a beautiful German prayer today... 

I work in home healthcare and my client said this prayer, in perfect German, I almost cried... it reminded me of my beautiful Great-Grandma, and of those tender moments tucking my own children into bed. 

My mother's side of the family is from Germany, they settled in a small, town founded by fellow German pioneers, and later owned a butcher shop. The butcher shop specialized in sausages but sold other delicious meats such as braunschweiger, headcheese and pickled pig knuckles. As a small child, I remember how special it was when my Mom would open an antique box that was the faded color of buttercups and decorated with lace. The top of the box had the picture of a woman on it, with a bug bouffant of wavy hair and bow shaped lips. I think she was also holding a glass bottle of cola. The box held all of Mom's treasures...including an old photo of my great-grandmother. My great-grandmother was a dainty woman with dark, flashing eyes. She was known to be a strong woman, who went into business to help her husband at a time women traditionally stayed at home. She adored her two children--Grandma and her brother. And died young, of pneumonia. Grandma named my favorite Aunt after her mother. And my Mom named a doll after her--my daughter and her cousin just love playing house with the doll. So her memory lives in our hearts, and in our love. 


Jesukindlein komm zu mir, 
Mach ein frommes Kind aus mir. Mein Herzerl ist klein, Kann niemand hinein, Als du, mein liebes Jesulein. 

Baby Jesus come to me 
Make a pious child out of me 
My little heart is so small 
No one can get in 
Except for you my lovely little Jesus.

(Image from: Turn Back to God)

To my beautiful children ~ Mommy keeps you in my thoughts and prayers. I love you so much! I love 1,222,222,000,000 + 0= U! Tu es mi corazon. xoxox

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Mother's Prayer - (Hannah's Song) by Rachel Aldous

A beautiful prayer set to piano music for children

Psalms 127:3, Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cooking Up Memories: Mother's Apron Poem

I have fond memories of cooking in the kitchen as a child... I'd wear my mother's apron. My favorite apron was white and had a picture of Little Sprout, the child of the Jolly Green Giant, on it. I befriended the little girl who lived next door, and we took turns baking--in our imaginations, the kitchen turned into the pink Barbie house, where the sun always shone through the windows, and our pink corvette was parked in the driveway. We started baking cookies then became more adventurous with cinnamon sticky buns and German cookies with a name we could not pronounce. My neighbor was such a bubbly, energetic little girl. She mad everything fun, even doing the pile of dishes we dirtied! 

My Mom is an artist, and her Christmas sugar cookies are not only delicious but so beautiful they deserve to be in the Louvre Museum with other art masterpieces. The taste of those cookies was so buttery, and soft, golden on the edge with a rounded middle. She would make homemade frosting in a rainbow of colors then decorate each cookie special-- Bells trimmed with sugary pink lace. Tiny people with candy buttons and colorful hats and scarves. Reindeer with hot cinnamon noses. Golden stars covered in gooey frosting. Mom would not stop with sugar cookies--she made almond bark bars, spritz cookies and wreaths too.

When Mom stopped baking Christmas cookies, she went on to make the most amazing Christmas house with real moving parts, and decorated with miniatures she collected all year long. 

My daughter also seems to have picked up the skill of cooking.. here she is, at age six, making dinner. It's a delicious mix of cocoa crunch cereal, canned corn, parmesan cheese, beef broth and spices! Yum!

-- Daylen Swift, August 2014

To Bear and Nora, I love 1,222,222,222,000 +0= U! Tu eres mi corazon. I thank God for you every day! ~ Mommy. P.S. JC says hi and he misses you. LOL* And the Winnie-the-Pooh story...pfffph!